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Article by Michael Tymn: Does death anxiety lead to PTSD?
Date: 28 November 2011

I receive Mike's monthly newsletter, always filled with fascinating articles.

I feel that the latest one (see second link below) has to be mentioned here.

Mike writes 'As Lifton sees it, many of the symptoms in the traumatic syndrome have to do with impaired mourning, or “the inability to mourn.” It is the inability to reconstruct shattered personal forms in ways that reassert vitality and integrity. “The survivor retains an indelible image, a tendency to cling to the death imprint – not because of release of narcissistic libido as Freud claimed, but because of continuing struggles to master and assimilate the threat (as Freud also observed), and around larger questions of personal meaning.”

In effect, if I am properly interpreting Lifton, death anxiety is at the core of PTSD.'

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