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Bad, bad sodium...
Date: 6 November 2011

Almost all the processed foods sold in supermarkets contain sodium.

ALL bad for me.

90% of what is sold in supermarkets is bad for me.

I can't have more than 100 mg of sodium a day, one day in a while.

I assume that a high % of processed foods is also bad for a lot of people, mostly people over 50. It's well documented that, as a society, we eat way too much sodium. What doctors don't explain publicly enough in my opinion is that if you avoid all sodium, a lot of problems will go away on their own. Therefore, a lot of medications that cause side effects that require more medications that cause more side effects, will be un-necessary. I would like to see large signs, like the gooey anti-smoking warnings, in public libraries, hospitals, doctor offices, on billboards, etc. warning in graphic ways against sodium.

But the processed food industry is a huge industry.

So is the medical and pharmaceutical industry.