Sarah Is Healing Herself And So Can You

In Ensenada, Mexico: Cleansing my brain neurons
Date: 22 August 2010

Aug 22, 2010.

Welcome to my blog. I speak and write with a French accent. The idea to share some of my experiences as a Spiritualist was suggested to me some years ago when I was taking care of Mom who had dementia. At that time, it was way too painful to write. But now, my life is exciting and I feel the presence of Spirit in almost everything I do, so it's easy to write. On Aug 15, Reverend Dixie at the Spiritualist Church of Eternal Hope in El Segundo California gave me a message from Spirit: Write about your "adventures" because everybody's experience of life can be useful to others as each person learns from a different "angle".

So... "I did it my way" is playing and here I am (pic below) with the "Harley Forever" sweater, at La Vendimia, my favorite breakfast restaurant in Ensenada Mexico where I like to start breakfast with a Pacifico or a Corona (local beers). I am probably the only "Harley Chick" in Ensenada. I ride a Harley Davidson Buell Blast that I call Baby Buell. She is small but she is nimble at intersections and she can also kick ass. She is a creation of Eric Buell and I can feel the Buell creative genius between my legs as I ride her every day.

I see myself as a feminine woman but these days my Harley boots are always covered with yellow dust (from the parking lot where I live) and it makes me feel like John Wayne... And this symbol feels real good because it awakens more of my survival instincts, it heightens my sense of total responsibility for myself: This is how I heal and keep healthy.

Another thing that awakens my survival instincts - and I really don't recommend it to any new rider - is crossing on my bike the busy intersections of Ensenada that have stop signs instead of stop lights: Everybody's version of a stop is different, so each of a dozen drivers goes about doing it his way, we meet a few feet or inches away, unconsciously we assert our will to live, we cross... And we move on. If you read The Dancing Wu Li Masters about the dance of the sub atomic particles behaving in a parallel way to the movement of the stars/cosmic bodies, you will know what I mean when applied to intersections: There is no chaos, only synchronicity.

Oh... and going home at night on the expressway on my bike - another thing I don't recommend - is another procedure of cleansing all the neurons of my brain: They all HAVE to work or I would go to heaven very quickly. When my time comes, it comes. Meanwhile, I am learning to drive like a pro, I am turning into a tougher bitch, and I really, really don't have senior moments any more, simply because I can't afford to have them.