Sarah Is Healing Herself And So Can You

My Heroine TShirt: Sarah's sexual liberation!
Date: 28 October 2010

Joaquin has a shop on Lopez Mateos in Ensenada, Mexico, called Nemesis. He is an artist who designs himself all his Tshirts.

When he saw me walking in front of his shop with my Harley helmet in lieu of a handbag, I think he knew that I was going to NOT want to spend the rest of my life without a limited edition of his Tshirt called "Heroine".

Nothing to do with the drug of the same name, he said.

He called the design "Heroine", he explained, because it describes the woman who is confident in her nudity in front of the macho man...

Aww.... OK.... and I walked away.

The next day, I came back to buy it.

I was raised in a strict - I mean STRICT - puritan Catholic culture where women were expected to have between 12 and 24 children in order to, one day, give electoral majority to the French Canadians of Quebec, the French province of Canada. But otherwise, sex was something taboo. So when your beautiful and beloved mother imprints upont your unconscious mind, from the most tender age, that the human body is dirty and that sex in particular is something VERY dirty, disgusting and shameful, and she herself got this from her beautiful and beloved mother who got it from her mother... it is ingrained DEEP, multi-generationally, into your psyche, into your DNA. The purpose of that taboo was of course to keep girls virgin until they got married. I don't pretend ever being able to totally cleanse myself from that now useless "knowledge" because - again - it's DEEP, but I grab every little bit of liberation that comes my way. And "Heroine" was one of them. So, here is to my sexual revolution:

Zoom on the design...

This is Joaquin the artist:

And here is the end result...