Sarah Is Healing Herself And So Can You

Oct 28: Happy 60th Birthday, Sarah!
Date: 28 October 2010

I decided the day before my 60th birthday to put myself in the center of the focus of my love. Nobody else.

It makes a huge difference!

First, it makes me happier, I feel loved!

Second, it frees a lot of energies that were previously used in trying to deal with/understand another person in the focus of my love; I can now use all that energy for myself and the projects that are dear to me. It does not preclude other loves. It just prioritizes the objects of love. I am now the first in line....

To embed into matter my decision to be the #1 in my life, I bought myself a great gift for my birthday: It's two pieces of Mexican amber from the province of Chiapas, held together by a band of silver (also from Mexico). What is very special is that each of the two pieces of amber has a moskito in it. According to the research I did on Chiapas amber, it is between 24 to 30 million years old. It means these two moskitoes are between 24 and 30 million years old!!! This gives a sense of perspective to my 60 years on this earth. It does not make each second of my life less important, but it tells me that in the perspective of eternity, or at least of the age of the earth on which we live, a life time is a very tiny thing.

Below, picture of my pendant taken in a mirror with my beloved Google Droid.

I took a dozen pics of the two sides trying to show the moskitos; they are easy to see with the eye, their little legs are well defined, but somehow I can't get it into a pic. Here is the best I could take: There is a moskito right in the middle of the pendant:

I had this pendant made at Armando's shop, downtown Ensenada (picture below) called Santa Catarina Galeria (corner of Alvarado on Lopez Mateos, on the same block as the El Rey Sol restaurant). Armando is a gifted jeweller who instinctively knows what jewel you want and always finds a way to make it happen:

I was riding my bike today on La Ruta Del Vino, under a blue sky and in a perfect weather. At least 3 times I thought: I can't be happier than this. This is the top!

On my way, I saw this familiar, very large, advert panel while riding South (picture below). Although familiar, today with the blue sky, and my birthday, it appeared more beautiful than ever. I did a U turn and stopped at the top of the hill to take this picture because I wanted its beauty to be part of my life. Somehow, I saw my own beauty in this scene. And the fact that the scene is basically about a mask is not a problem because the personality of each person is a mask as we learned when we studied Greek theatre ("personality" is derived from the Greek "persona" which means the masks worn by the actors in Greek theatre).