Sarah Is Healing Herself And So Can You

Self Healing, Self Belief and Positive Thought!
By:Notes from my friend the International Spiritual Medium Stephen Wakeling
Date: 6 September 2010

The power of ‘Positive Thought’ has been talked about through the annals of time. In many books and literary scripts, both of a religious nature, or not, the process of thought used in a positive way has helped countless people to overcome illness, disasters, conflicts or major obstacles within their physical lives.

The famous English Nurse Florence Nightingale (12th of May 1820 to the 13th of August 1910) was a Christian Universalist. Florence believed God had called her to be a nurse. In November 1854, at the Crimean War, she arrived to support the many injured soldiers, whom she nursed at Selimiye Barracks in Scutari which is now Üsküdar in Istanbul. But, before her arrival she was stuck down with a very serious illness, yet her inner-strength, belief and positive thought got her back to full health. After getting over her serious illness, she was able to save many soldiers lives, and have a lifetime of great achievements.

‘Positive Thought’ can be a powerful ingredient in helping all of us to heal ourselves, from people of notoriety, to those of us who are not well known at all. This year has been a one where ill health has plagued me. Indeed, from January until about a month ago, a serious chest virus has been ongoing. To help matters, it started to deteriorate about six to eight weeks ago, brought on by that usual enemy: stress. Stress that built up through conflict that was all work related, and had its seat in the lure of money and finances, an age old problem.

But the use of ‘Positive Thought’ was the beating of my illness. Yes, we live in a physical world of earth, and yes, we are all affected by issues that influence our health and well-being. But my own desire to be 100% positive and win through was the making of my improvement in health. Exercise, diet, and the conviction that ‘I will not be beaten’ have seen a complete turnaround. Weight lose, feeling better – how? Simply by positive thought, self-healing and an inner belief! Is it hard work, perhaps yes, but failure wasn’t an option, well nor for me, and you can feel the same too. Self belief, positive thought, the healing process and move forward, it really worked for me and it will do for you – that’s is you want it to happen!

Though I work as an International Spiritual Medium, I prefer to work in a material environment, rather than taking the option of my spiritual work taking all of my time. My belief is that we have to interact with today’s problems, thus helping to grasp the problems faced by other people. Indeed a balancing act, one I choose, because it keeps me attuned to the world we are living in at present, and that is this one – well for the time being anyway!