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The Delicious Road from Old to Young
Date: 6 September 2010

I know that we make our destiny, including the condition of our health. I know because I reversed the trend myself.

I was fat, full of cellulite and of flagging/greyish/wrinkled/dry skin. I was hiding my body in shame behind oversized loose tops and down-to-the-ankle skirts. Although only 59, I was having the same symptoms that Mom had at 85: Pressure on my heart, rising blood pressure, swollen ankles, plus a burning bladder, a tendonitis that appeared one morning without any reason (carrying an 8-pound grocery bag the day before?). And more and more senior moments. Because Mom had dementia, the senior moments were scaring me more than the pressure on the chest. Basically, my body was starting to shut down. I was dying fast. Could not even have a drink. Cars were hardly stopping for me when I was crossing the streets, clerks at the movies or bus drivers would kindly offer senior fares in exchange for an ID (those kind requests hurt the mostů) and although I was the first in line the clerks at the deli would often ask someone else "How may I help you?" For a former pretty girl with sex appeal who used to always look much younger than her age, that was hard to take day after day. But the worst was when a happy beggar greeted me one morning with a "Good morning, Grandma". I started cranking up the volume of my iPod when Nickelback's "Burn It To The Ground" was playing: That was my only way out of oblivion.

One day, after a tiny thing was said, I abruptly decided to "burn it to the ground" i.e. to leave my flat-liner of a life, dull but comfortable, a patchwork of concessions, and follow the increasing urge that had been coming from Spirit for the last two months to be myself and to be proud of myself again. I got the clear message that at my age, "it's now or never". I went to The Gap (clothing store) and bought clothes for adolescents: Very tight jeans (skinnies), sexy tops, a bad ass army surplus jacket. I stopped at the hairdresser on the way back and got a young and crazy hair cut: I came back home looking 20 years younger. Six months later, I am traveling, slim, fit, sexy, perfectly healthy, doing Tae Kwon Do and streneous workouts five days a week. The cellulite is 95% gone, I have admirers, I ride a motorcycle in Baya California Mexico after months of riding it in the canyons of the Santa Monica Mountains. And "I'm loving it!".

But my most important discovery is that I can heal myself with just intent and belief. No ritual needed. Last week, I wrote about how I healed a strained arm. A few days later - although I am not accident prone, and I am sure that this happened for a reason - I did a stupid maneuver on my bike, slowly turning her (she's a girl) 70-80 degrees in a patch of sand in order to attach her rear wheel to a palm tree for the night. Of course, we both fell and part of her 400 pounds fell over my right thumb which became red and swollen within 5 minutes, with very limited movement. Still fresh from my experience with the left arm, I decided to heal the thumb in the same way. After asking help from my Healing Guides, I visualized crystal light going through skin, muscles and bones. During about 5 minutes. BELIEVING that I was being healed (that's the part that our Western education does not allow us to do easily) and that my thumb would be healed on time for my next Tae Kwon Do class the next day. I did the same procedure 3 more times during 24 hours and yep! I was healed. A tiny inflammation remained the next day, just to remind me of what had happened.

This time, I was less in awe than the time of the left arm. I am starting to experience in my whole life what Beo explains in his book "Wonder-is-meant" (I talk about it in my previous post linked above).

Now is the time to extend my new-found self-healing confidence to my relationships with the rest of the world (love, friends, money, etc). This is to be my major project in the foreseeable future. I have to say that performing "miracles" on myself is the most calming, reassuring, caring act of self-love I ever did in my whole life. My goal is to tell my friends and the people who visit this site that you too can do it. Everybody can do it. It's just a question of attitude. Beo explains that any dis-ease is attitude in disguise, and I believe it. He says that we create our own dis-ease and that we can un-create them.

All my love and all the best to you.

Ensenada, Mexico - Sept 6 2010

Below: Sarah at "Papas & Beer", a popular bar in Ensenada, Mexico
(ladies: don't you love the name?)

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