Sarah Is Healing Herself And So Can You

My first self-healing "miracle" and Beo's book
Date: 28 August 2010

I found MY book

In fact, I consider it a non-book.

Back in 2003, when I left my hectic professional life to take care of Mom, I ended up with lots of time for my spiritual life - Thanks, Mom - and I made a rule that I would not read books any more because I had too much living and learning to do on my own. I wanted to live my life intensely, without much time for other people's ideas because for me the ultimate experience was (and remain) to sit in a quiet place and become one as much as I can with Spirit, absorb the Light as much as I can, feel love, feel LOVE (I know when I reach the latter: I start crying because my heart is still too small for LOVE, but I am working on that). So, I have no patience for anybody trying to tell me what to think or what to do with my life, and that includes books. I have no rituals, no creed, no reverence. Like Nickelback's Burn It To The Ground, my favorite song of all times: "We got no class, no taste, no shirt, and shit faced… Well, no chain, no lock, and this train won't stop".

I get my answers directly from Spirit. At worst, I ask a medium (most of my friends are mediums) and the answers or confirmation of my own answers come right away. My spiritual independence does not preclude working with a leader in a development circle where we learn to better feel, directly, the presence of Spirit. One such leaders is my Healing Mentor, Reverend Anne B to whom I dedicated this site because she was a powerful agent of change in my life: Through her Development Circle and her Healing Circle, she patiently helped me switch from living in my mind (I had studied way too much) to living in my soul. Anne teaches how simple, simple, simple it is to act as healing conduit for Spirit.

Anne knew that I don't read books but last April she insisted to send me a book … OK, OK I will look at the book, just to please you.... Life is full of WONDER-IS-MEANT written by Beowulf, arrived in Marina Del Rey California where I was living (the only links to the book that I can find online are #1 and #2). When I opended the book with its non-commercial cover, I knew from the non-style that this was a non-book. I started absorbing Beo's stories of healing in New South Wales, Australia. That was another revolution in my life (thank you so much Anne and Beo). Beo teaches that it is simple, simple, simple to act as healing conduit for Spirit, healing those who believe that they will be healed, and healing oneself (I emphasize "HEALING ONESELF"). Beo does not provide his real name; he writes something like: Don't search me as you can do as well as I can do and even better, and there are healers in your community who can do the same if not better.

He starts his book with: " [this book] has nothing to do with what I have done except to provide an example of what you can do… I cannot express this any stronger than if we can do it, anybody can, and this does mean you if you have chosen to do so."

He writes: "Life is meant to be easy with the understanding of what and who you are and the understanding of what life is about, including the knowledge that your truth is the only truth that will set you free. Therefore, I ask you not to believe anything in this book. Only take from it that which is beneficial to you …. You can do as in this book or greater deeds. Your life is your choice."

Basically his non-book says that if any person - and that includes you - has the intent to have Spirit heal through them, and the "healees" have the intent to be healed and believe that they are healed, they will be healed. And that applies to healing ourselves.

Based on Beo's non-book, I dared my first self-healing miracle five days ago Aug 23 (2010)

Something happened to me on that evening that made me think, based on Beo's book: I am 60 years old, no time to waste, nothing to lose, let's give it a try!

I knew it required a leap of faith, but what the hell, I'm on sabbatical and alone in this room...

I was doing a Tae Kwon Do workout at home, practicing the movements that I had learned the day before at my class, in preparation for the next class. Swinging my legs as high as I could and counter balancing with my arms to keep my balance, I overdid it and pulled a muscle in my left arm just below the shoulder. It was hurting more and more, reminding me of an awfully painful tendonitis that I suffered at the same spot some 15 years before. I was hardly able to raise my arm. I thought, Rats, no Tae Kwon Do class tomorrow…. And for the next 4 months... This is when I thought of Beo's non-book that I was reading for the second time. If it had been a normal book, I would have probably never accepted the concept that I can do as well as he does, if not better. But because it's a non-book, I took the liberty of making it my own and I took my power in my own hands, I took full responsibility for my wellbeing.

I started visualizing the purest crystal light from Spirit going through my left arm, seeing it penetrating all the cells and BELIEVING that it was healing me. I did that for about 10 minutes and decided to have a nap because the intensity of this exercise, new to me, had exhausted me: Raising my level of belief in Spirit that high was like climbing a mountain. I went to sleep believing that I was healing. When I woke up, my arm was already 50% less painful. I did more vizualizing (my faith needed reinforcement) and did the effort - and again it's not easy at the beginning - to reaffirm that I was healing more and more with each second. I decided to believe that I would be pain-free the next morning.

The process reminded me of when we first learn to receive mediumistic communications or to do psychometry in a Development Circle: The hardest thing is to believe the first impression we get, pushing dis-belief and learned limitations aside. It's like diving in a lake: What is hard is to jump. But once in the water, the swimming comes on naturally and keeps going and going...

Coming back to my arm, the next morning, the pain had decreased by 95%. The remaining 5% was not bothering me at all but I then chose to believe that even that 5% would be gone by the time I arrive at my Tae Kwon Do class at 7:00pm.

And at 7:00pm, all the pain was gone and I had a normal Tae Kwon Do class.

I am typing this experience 5 days later (still scratching my head is partial dis-belief): The pain never returned. I am healed!!! I healed myself. Mind you, this is not really the first time, I have been healing myself since I started Anne's Healing Circle, but these were smaller things like the beginning of a flu or an upset stomach. I had never reached the level of believing I could heal a very painful torn muscle (although I knew Anne could do it because she healed me when I pulled my back many years ago).

The reason I write about this experience is because I want to reach many of the wonderful Spiritual Healers working selflessly in Spiritualists Centers all over. I have seen so many of them freely giving of their time and love to heal others, with astonishing results (including healing cancer) but feeling that it was taboo, shameful, a selfish no-no (something like masturbation) to heal themselves. Those wonderful souls would arrive at the center with a very sore back, limping on a sore knee, dizzy from diabetis, out of breath from obesity, and would consider that it is selfish to heal oneself. Instead they would suffer for days, months or years, or at best they would ask other Healers to give them a healing. And then turn around and lovingly perform healing miracles on others.

Healers that I love so much, here is to you:

It's beautiful to dance alone,
beautiful to dance with your children,
beautiful to dance with your friends,
beautiful to dance with your lover,
or even collectively.
But the ultimate dance
is the one we do by ourselves,
when we make ourselves known to God.

Gabrielle Roth
The ultimate dance
Author of "Sweat Your Prayers: Movement as Spiritual Practice"

Picture of Beo, years ago (from the back cover of his non-book)