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Starting Tae Kwon Do at 60
Date: 24 August 2010

I took Judo lessons in college when I was 18 but somehow life took me to another direction and I never had the opportunity to continue after college.

More than four decades later, I can now resume the practice of martial arts. Judo was not really for me, but Tae Kwon Do is for me: It channels my natural aggressiveness in a positive way. I have strong legs and I love to kick (I can kick at the level of my head). I also love to punch.

And the workout keeps me in shape (and burns the calories of those double creamy, decadent deserts at El Rey Sol at lunch time).

Here is a photo of Master Mario Sanchez, my teacher, with an earlier class at his Ensenada Mexico academy called Black Belt Tae Kwon Do. Mario was the double of Chuck Norris in the first six movies of Chuck. He is an excellent teacher.

I should get my Tae Kwon Do uniform on Saturday (I will post a photo).

The most difficult part for me is not the Tae Kwon Do, it's the 4 mile trip back home on my bike on the expressway at night after the classes. It scares me. But I use the advice given to me by a dear friend as I was learning to ride my bike on expressways in Los Angeles: Use fear as a power. I just have to declare to myself "I use my fear as a power" and I feel powerful right away. And my power helps me to remain very vigilant at all times, which is the name of the game on an expressway on a bike at night: Using the two mirrors, I keep scanning 360 degrees around myself all the time and when a car comes too close to me, I zip to the other lane.... And before I leave, I also cover myself and my bike with white light and I visualize myself arriving home safely. Note: I don't recommend riding at night on un-lighted expressways.