Managing a Spiritualist Center

*MINISTRY TRAINING: USA - Indiana - Chesterfield: Spiritualist Seminary
By:Camp Chesterfield

Camp Chesterfield is the property of The Indiana Association of Spiritualists, and as an Association we were founded in 1886 as a Spiritualist Church.

List of Classes include:

- Medium Missionary: Beginning Bible Study, Counselling II, Intro to the Seance Room, Laws of Mediumship, Public Presentation of Mediumship, Semantics, Spiritual Anatomy, Symbols I, Elective Classes

- Associate Minister: Basic Unity of Religions, Counselling III, Death and Dying, Natural Law II, New Testament, Old Testament, Preparation for Ministry I, Sermon and Lecture Prep I, Symbols II, Elective Class

- Ordination: Church Business, Parliamentary Procedure, Preparation for Ministry II, Sermon and Lecture Prep II, Ministerial Ethics and Counseling, Sacred Writings I and II, Spiritualism in the Bible, Elective Classes

- School of Spiritual Metaphysics, Levels 1, 2 and 3

- Core Classes

- Spiritual Healing

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