Managing a Spiritualist Center

By:Manchester District Council of the Spiritualists' National Union

See Education page on the website of the Council for list of the Courses provided. Courses include:
- An Introduction to Basic Spiritualism
- Spiritualism for SNU Churches
- Basic Exponents Course
- Phenomena of Spiritualism
- Teachings of Spiritualism
- Public Presentation
- Spiritualism in World Religions
- The Practice of Mediumship
- Basic Administration
- Church Organisation
- Spiritualists' National Union Organisation
- Basic Healing Course
- Practice of Spiritualist Healing
- Theory of Spiritualist Healing
- Basic Anatomy and Physiology
- The Lyceum
- Guide to Official Services
- The History of Spiritualism
- World Philosophies
- An Outline of Science for Spiritualists
- Mediumship in Art and Science
- Psychology and Mediumship
- World Religions