Managing a Spiritualist Center

*MINISTRY TRAINING: Northern England: Church Management, Public Presentations, etc.
By:The Spiritualists' National Union Northern District Council

See Training page on the website of the SNU Northern District Council:

Training includes:
- How to Chair a Church Service
- How to run a Circle
- How to Chair Committee Meetings/General meetings
- How to understand and use the Church Rule Book
- How to run a Beginners Class
- How to run an Awareness Class
- How to run a Development Class
- How to run a Philosophy Class
- How to run a Healing Service/Session

Education courses provided by the SNU Education Committee include:
- An Introduction to Basic Spiritualism
- Public Presentation
- Basic Administration
- Church Organisation
- Spiritualists' National Union Organisation
- Basic Healing Course
- Theory of Spiritualist Healing
- Lyceum education and training, both theoretical and practical
- Guide to Official Services
- The History of Spiritualism
- World Philosophies
- An Outline of Science for Spiritualists
- Mediumship in Art and Science
- Psychology and Mediumship
- World Religions