Spiritual Retreats

UK - Cornwall
Retreat:Hendra Farm Cottages <info@hendrafarmcottages.co.uk>

A beautifully tranquil setting, free from modern stresses and distractions, Hendra Farm is the perfect place to come and relax and reconnect with nature and ones inner self. Our resident spiritual therapist, Jane Booth, will be offering guests a wider range of therapies and courses designed to help find inner peace in our lovely corner of Cornwall. These include the chance to learn how to meditate and use hypnotherapy to heal and overcome fears and stresses, as well as crystal therapy, reiki and tarot readings. Every session aims to be fun, informative and above all beneficial to our guest's spiritual well being! Jane will always aim to tailor her sessions around what interests her guests. For more info about Jane and a full list of the therapies and courses we offer please see our website.