Spiritual Retreats

Croatia - Zagreb, Silba island
Retreat:Divya Yoga Centre <divya@yogazagreb.com>

SPIRITUAL RETREAT - Level II., 17-24.7.2010.




Kristijan is a teacher and practicioner of Vedic knowledge and wisdom, medicine, philosophy and psychology, healer and musician, author of the book with the same title. With Kristijan, you will go through unforgettable experience on the path of self-knowing and self-healing. After giving numerous seminars around Croatia, you are invited to spend 7 days of summer retreat in the pleasant and relaxing environment, company and intensive work on yourself. Discover the secrets of conscious and subconscious mind and power of its source which will help you to change chemical state of body and cure any physical disorder. Kristijan has studied Vedic knowledge from the early 90's, he was Kirtan leader for many years in Croatia as well in Los Angeles where he lived 9 years. He came back to Croatia in 2008 where he is currently teaching Vedic medicine, psyhology and philosophy and powerfull technique of Selfhealing based on Vedic knowledge as well on EFT and NLP techniques. His second book „Selfhealing II“, will come out by the end of this year, and will talk deeper about the root-cause of our fears and ingorance, as well as how the Vedas are playing the most important guiding role in the life of any introspective person.

SEMINARS: Self-healing technique is teaching us how to remove any pain and correct any dysfunction by practicing certain mental excercises which effectively change our chemical conditions in our body thus healing any disease. Self-healing will introduce us to the deepest secrets of personal happines and success, and it will guide us towards better understanding of our real, original nature of existence. Combined together, his seminars and the book will reveal the original power of our mind, and positively answers the question: „Can we heal ourselves using our minds?“
Before coming to the seminar, it is recommended that you read Kristijan's book (see contact info) and attending his I level seminar, which is 3 hrs long, after which there are two advanced levels which offer much deeper understanding of self-healing and gives us the opportunity to learn how to heal others as well.

Seminars - level I

This seminar lasts for about 3 hours. First part is one hour long and talks about how does the body becomes sick and how the painful conditions occur. This part is technical in nature and we recommend having paper and pen handy in order to write down whatever is important to you. After the 15min break, we continue with the second part in which I will demonstrate the techique on some of the volunteers.

Seminars – level II

This seminars lasts for about 6 hours and it's divided into two day, or we can do it in one day which would take about 5 hours (plus one hour for the lunch break). On this level we are introduced to the real nature of our spiritual identity, we learn the properties of our spiritual nature and the values of this kind of thinking and attitude. You will be introduced to different methods of mind (emotion) control and transformation of any negative situation into a positive one. We will learn how to assume the role of the eternal spirit soul, which enables us to overcome any situation life brings to us, without any difficulties. The excercises we get on this level should be practiced every day for 30 days, after which we get together again in order to share the experiences and to continue with more advanced levels of self-healing.

BOOK OVERVIEW: The real cause of our problems / The mind (consciouss and subconsciouss) / Intelligence / Adopting the false indentity (false ego) / Creation with our focus / Focus (the direction of our attention) / First step: responsibility / The correct approach to any problem (positive affirmation) / How does a disease originates within the body? / How to prevent self-destruction? / What is a desire? / Creating physical reality (creatin within) / Second step: learning to love ourselves / The process of self-healing / Introspection throughout life / Fear / Our original nature / Belief systems / Resistance towards our own existence / Consequences of irresponsible thinking / Examples of problems and solutions / „Positive thinking“ examples / Success stories /

MEDITATIVE/HEALING MUSIC: Kristijan also plays different instruments, both solo and in duet with Mislav Hollos, creating meditative and healing atmosphere, suitable for self-healing and self-realization. Their first album „Answers“ is coming out soon...

MANTRA CHANTING: „The sound itself has a profound effect both on consciousness and matter: the sound can inspire, purify and attract our attention.“(Bhakti Tirtha Swami)

When we call someone's name, we're establishing communication and exchange, we invite that person to associate with us. Similarly, when we chant different mantras, we're establishing spiritual connections with God, simply by calling out His Names. Mantras are very powerful and they act as swords, cutting negative energy by which we're surrounded in our daily lives.

Different mantras have different purposes and functions. „Ma“ comes from the sanskrit word „manasa“, which means „the mind“, and „tra“ comes from „trayate“, which means „to liberate“. When we chant those vibrations, we feel the difference, both physically and spiritually, because mantra can penetrate through different layers of mental contaminations and resistance.

Experienced croatian Yoga teacher who will guide you to dive deep inside, to silence the mind and relax deeply and get rid of stress through simple exercises of body, mind and breath by bringing oxygen and life energy (prana) to every cell of your body for more vital, peaceful and happier life. Sandra is Certified Power Vinyasa Yoga Teacher, Vastu Adviser and Artist. She learnt from the most famous yoga teachers today: Mark Whitwell (Yoga of Heart), Shanon Gannon, David Life, Gabrijela Bozic and Petros Haffenrichter (Jivamukti Yoga), Richard Freeman (Ashtanga Yoga), Bryan Kest (Power Yoga), Sean Corn (Vinyasa Flow Yoga) and through Art of Living program with Sri Sri Ravi Shankar and Ananda Vdovic. She entered the world of Yoga in eary 90-this, through the Bhakti Yoga philosophy, in 2001 she start more seriously practicing independently and studying the yogic philosophy and from 2003 her practice of yogic techniques pranayama, asana, sudarshan kriya, meditation and yoga nidra deepened and intensified to daily training. Sandra’s teaching style focuses more on discipline and creativity, the importance of breath and spirit of life, Vinyasa Krama, Kundalini Yoga kriyas, Yoga Therapy, Meditation, Visualising techniques, Self-healing and work with Mantras and Yantras.