Spiritual Retreats

Spain, Turkey, France, UK and many other countries
Retreat:Sandy Newbigging, MEDICAL INTUITIVE

Sandy has run mind and body retreats in Spain, Turkey, France and the United Kingdom. He is currently planning a world tour which will take him to Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and Canada.

10 potential benefits from attending our MindBody Detox retreat:
1. Help to heal health problems by resolving their mental and emotional causes.
2. Stop feeling negative emotions when you think about certain people, places, events or things.
3. Overcome uncontrollable behaviours, such as phobias, addictions or compulsive ‘disorders’.
4. Change any self-limiting beliefs that corrode your life enjoyment and success.
5. Reduce stress levels and feel more calm, confident and content in any situation.
6. Resolve relationship conflicts with your family, friends or colleagues (and also yourself).
7. Lose weight by overcoming the hidden mental and emotional causes of weight gain.
8. Enhance your mental clarity and creativity for massively improved results.
9. More easily and enjoyably create the personal and business life you want.
10. Quieten your mind and be more consistently connected with your inner peace and happiness.

About Sandy:
Sandy Newbigging is highly-respected for his ability to quickly and elegantly help people to discover and resolve the hidden 'root-cause reasons' for their body and life problems so that they can enjoy long-lasting health and happiness.

He is the author of 4 books including 'New Beginnings', 'Life Detox' and 'Life-Changing Weight Loss" and his Mind Detox method has been featured on television in over 30 countries. He has clinics in Edinburgh and London, runs life-changing workshops and retreats throughout Europe and trains people to become Mind Detox Practitioners at his Mind Detox Masterclass.