Spiritual Retreats

UK, France and Spain
Retreat:Patricia Hunt, D.S.N.U & C.S.N.U

Through her Spiritual Retreats which Patricia runs not only in England but also in Scotland, France, Spain and in the future North America, she brings together people searching for their own Spiritual Pathways.

Sharing her knowledge and wisdom of a life-times service to Spirit. She invites specialist speakers in their own field to lecture at these venues. Her Retreats are residential and are small gatherings. The Retreats are non denominational. As she says "We are all looking for our own Spiritual Enlightenment". You will be invited to attend and take part in groups if you wish.

We cover many aspects: Healing, Colour Therapy, Earth Healing, Native American Indian Culture, Sound Healing and many other aspects of development.

About Patricia:

Patricia holds the Diploma of the Spiritualist National Union, together with their Certificate of Recognition and is a Registered Spiritual Medium.

Born in Loughborough, Leicestershire, England, a wife, mother and grandmother. Patricia (a Light Worker) has worked as a Spiritual Medium Teacher, Counselor and Healer for 28 years. She has traveled world-wide holding Seminars, Workshops, Private Consultations, Auric Analysis and Spiritual Services.

Patricia is also a "REIKI MASTER" and has attuned many people to this wonderful Healing Energy. She has also attained the Masters Attunement in "Magnified Healing" and feels very blessed to be able to attune others in this form of gentle healing through the wonderful guidance of the Master "Kwan-Yin".

She takes Private Consultations at her home for one to one links with loved ones and friends in the Spirit Dimension, which also includes Auric Analysis.