Spiritual Retreats

Australia - Victoria - Mount Best: Self Healing Retreats
Retreat:Dr. Tom Chalko / SelfHealing.net

Natural Self Healing : what you need to Know. Awaken the perfect healer: your own body and mind.

Retreats at Mount Best:

Friday evening to Sunday evening inclusive. All workshops are included
- Auras
- Meditation & concentration
- Healing & Consciousness

along with vegetarian meals and accommodation.

Retreats are conducted in the peaceful surrounds of Mt Best (see map and pictures of Mont Best), with breathtaking views over nearby State Forest and Wilson's Promontory National Park.

If weather permits, activities include scenic walks to local rainforest, fern tree gullies and waterfalls.

Our retreats are conducted in small groups of 4-6 people. A small group enables tailoring the content to specific needs of participants and conduct effective and inspiring discussions. For this reason our workshops are as individual as the people who attend them.

Self Healing Workshops:

Self Healing - Maximise Your Natural Healing Abilities:
- Exploring the limits of healing
- Physical, Intellectual and Spiritual aspects of healing
- Role of Aura, bio-energy and chakras
- Getting control over all functions of the body
- Detoxification
- Accelerating healing processes

Living should be a wonderful experience. The best and most important things in life should be free and effortless. Our bodies should stay in a perfect state of health for as long as we want. This is not a dream. You can choose to aim for it with your own effort.

It seems that we are 100% responsible for the state of our health (all our diseases). By taking care and responsibility for our bodies and minds we have an opportunity to make significant contribution to our health.

Dr Chalko's books and workshops aim to let people know what he has learnt about his own health and healing through his own suffering. The essence of his message seems to be what medical practitioners may never tell you: how you can help yourself.