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Negative Energies - Cleansing Yourself and Your Environment
By:Debbie Fitzgerald

Cleansing yourself and your environment of negative energies.

We all lead very busy lives, always on the go whether it be to work, to school, socializing, having visitors over to your house, shopping and even talking on the phone just to name a few. In all that we do in our daily lives we are constantly in contact with other people, different environments and spaces.

Wherever people have been they will leave negative energy behind as well as positive energy but it is the negative energies that affect us greatly. A person may be having a bad day and not feeling very positive, they may be angry, they may have had an argument, feel unwell and so forth. Over time these negative energies will accumulate within your home, work place and also within your own self, causing you to feel quite unbalanced and stagnant.

Everyone is affected by these negative energies although some of us are more sensitive to them than others, especially children. You can feel quite drained, tired and lacking energy or alternatively hyperactive, restless and irritable, something that we quite often see in children, not able to settle or have difficulty in sleeping, not feeling quite like your usual self, feeling uneasy but not able to identify what's going on, lacking motivation, emotionally all over the place and generally on edge. Everyone experiences these negative energies differently, whether it be mild, moderate or severe.

So it is very important to cleanse yourself and your environment, both at home and work so as not to be affected by these energies and to maintain peace and balance.

A simple and effective way to cleanse yourself is:

White Sage Smudging.

It is well known to increase the vibration of any space, person or item therefore cleansing, purifying and clearing negativity in all forms. Smudge sticks can be used to cleanse, purify, and protect a person's aura, the home or business. Smudging feathers which are used to gently sweep and direct the smoke in a more traditional way, (as the North American Indians do) although using your hand in the same manner is also perfect.

- Using a white sage smudge stick, lighting it over a fire proof vessel so it burns and starts to flame, then blow out the flame and the smudge stick will then smoke.

- Sweep the sage smoke using your hand or smudging feather over your head and down through the front of your body and doing the same with the back of your body. You are basically passing the smoke through your aura ( the energetic field that surrounds your entire body).

- You can also do this with your other family members including your children.

This can be done daily, two or three times a week or on a weekly basis depending on what you and your family have been doing.

Be guided by your intuition and how you and your family are feeling and behaving.

A simple and effective way to cleanse your environment:

- Close all windows and doors and begin with sage smudging, lighting the sage in the same way as personal cleansing.

- Walk around your house, work place or business sweeping the smoke in every room. Take special care to smudge in the corners of the room as negative energy can gravitate to the corners, cupboards and cabinets very easily and create a very stagnant energy in the room. Be guided to go where you think negative and stagnant energy resides other than just the room itself.

- Once the house or space has been completely smudged you then burn Frankincense granule incense.

- Place a charcoal tablet in a bowl or incense holder filled with rock salt or sand used specifically for this purpose, using a pair of tongs hold the charcoal disc and light from underneath the charcoal disc whilst holding it over the bowl. Once the charcoal is lit (you'll know when it starts to spark) place it back into the bowl.

- Place a few granules of frankincense on the charcoal. Once it is smoking place in the room and allow the smoke to fill each room. You may like to have a few bowls of frankincense going at the one time especially if you are cleansing your home as every room needs to be done.

- Leave it burning in each room for about 5 - 10 minutes. When each room is completed open all doors and windows to allow the negative energy to be released.

It is important to perform the sage smudging as well as the frankincense for a proper cleansing. The sage will dislodge and lift the negative energies but it is the frankincense that ensures that these energies be released and leave the home or area that is being cleansed.

This can be done on a fortnightly or monthly basis depending on what is going on in your life.

It is also beneficial to cleanse in this way if you are moving into a new house, "cleaning out" the problems and energies left behind by the people who occupied the space before you.

There are many ways to cleanse but the above is a simple but effective way to clear and cleanse.

Debbie Fitzgerald