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Spiritual Releasement & Entity Attachments Tips
By:Nicole Lanning

There are a few main sources for spiritual entities. The first area deals with the majority of entity attachments. This covers spirits of deceased humans, terminated pregnancies, and mind fragments of living people. This is the most common areas that deal with entities. The next largest area concerns the dark force entities, which are commonly known as demons. Lastly there are some, not as many, but some that fall into the category of aliens. The biggest tip I can provide anyone dealing with this type of work is to use energetic protection!

Now everyone's protection can vary as well, but my recommendations are as below:

1.Use protection with your guides (spiritual as well as animal)

2.Use protection of Archangel's, especially Archangel Michael

3.Use protection of your own personal favorite energy work, such as a protection energy form and create your own "bubble" or protection

4.Never open your chakras during a session of this nature, as this is open access to an entity

5.Remember to protect your own physical body, aura fields and close your chakras, from your Omega through the highest level chakra you have open

Remember when doing energy work with spiritual releasements with entities, this is something you should learn and work with a mentor before completing on your own.

There are a few different types of techniques to use during this type of energetic work, so please make sure you learn what feels most comfortable to you and your learning style and spiritual belief.

Always remember to shown respect when performing your work as well as gratitude for the work being done.

I hope this helps a lot of your who are now learning to complete this type of energetic work! If you have any questions feel free to contact me!

Many Blessings
Nicole Lanning