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*Spirit removal in England - Northampton
By:Susan Oliver Mock


Susan Oliver (Mock) has done countless investigations and numerous house clearances where there has been Spitit activity in one form or another. One of these clearances is the infamous Stevenage case, whereby several well known mediums attempted to clear & rid the home of negative spirit activity. Susan Oliver (Mock) and Northampton Paranormal Research Society where called in and succeeded in clearing the house where others had failed.

About Susan:

Susan Oliver Mock is a Clairvoyant Medium, Psychic and Tutor based in Northampton. Susan Oliver Mock is rated by everyone who has seen her as one of the best in UK. Having shared the stages with top mediums, successfully assisted in Police cases, Susan along with NPRS has also cleared some of the worst haunted houses reported in UK, and much more.

Susan is very well known world wide, not just in England. This includes countries such as Spain, Italy, South Africa, America, Autralia, Thailand and much more. She has not only raised awareness of Spirit in all these countries but she has aslo raised alot of money for various charities along the way.

Susan Oliver (Mock) is the resident medium and Co-Founder (alongside Suzanne Cornish) of the Northampton Paranormal Research Society (NPRS).