Spirit Rescue, Spirit Removal, Spirit Attachment

*Spirit Removal in the USA - Florida - Miami, and REMOTELY
By:Rev. Marlene Pardo BS CHt / The Miami Hypnotic Center

Simply put, Attachment (some people call it Spirit Attachment, Entity Attachment or Possession) is the invasion of one's body and aura by a discarnate being or entity, a fragment of the discarnate's personality or by negative energies.

Entities and negative energies can have varying degrees of influence over their host, ranging from a mild energy drain to almost total possession (which is extremely rare). Some tell-tale signs may be: Hearing voices, sudden cravings for alcohol, cigarettes, drugs, etc.-- especially after surgery or a traumatic event, sudden weight gain--especially after surgery or a traumatic event, fears and phobias, sudden changes in behavior--such as increased anger, depression and thoughts of suicide, serious illness of unknown cause, loss of energy, memory and concentration problems, unexplained physical problems--such as pain from an undetermined cause, migraine headaches, night terrors and nightmares, panic or anxiety attacks, and/or multiple personalities.

A form of spiritual healing known as Spirit Releasement is employed to clear a person of attachments and negative energies. Spirit Releasement, also known as remote depossession, is the process we use to release entities from living people. The term remote means that the work can be done from a distance. This is possible because we work in the higher consciousness. Releasement can also be done directly with the person wishing the procedure. However, we feel that the remote process removes any possibility of suggestion playing into the process.

Releasements are done by a professional and extensively trained Master Hypnotists. who are specially trained in this procedure and who have a working knowledge of metaphysics and parapsychology. We're sometimes called "spiritual warriors doing battle with unseen forces." A Releasement session can sometimes last several hours.