Spirit Rescue, Spirit Removal, Spirit Attachment

*Spirit Removal in England - Wiltshire - Chippenham
By:Andy Porter, Psychic Surgeon

Soul rescue or spirit release is healing work dealing with ‘earth-bound’ souls, trapped spirits or entities. They can be attached to a person, looking for sources of energy that they can connect to and use. In general they are referred to as "ghosts" but this is a loose term used to capture all types of inter dimensional energy.

Lost souls can become attached to a person’s aura for a multitude of reasons and can cause emotional and physical distress.

As with all types of spiritual practice trying to identify the symptoms of spirit attachment is the hardest part of the removal process.

Spirit attachment is quite common and can be diagnosed and successfully treated, Schizophrenia is an example of severe spirit attachment in my opinion.

If you would like to discuss your problems please use the contact page on my site. (Some problems can be resolved remotely very quickly without the need for an in person appointment).