Spirit Rescue, Spirit Removal, Spirit Attachment

*Spirit Removal in England - Farnworth (Bolton, Lancashire)
By:Farnworth Christian Spiritualist Church

If you are experiencing any difficulties at all with unwanted presences in your house or you are having trouble controlling shutting yourself down to spirit, please contact us.

If a problem is reported in a home at least 2 mediums should go out to investigate, never go alone. Always look for physical explanations before spiritual ones and find out if there is any particular person under stress in the house at the time. This last point could have a bearing on the problem.

The mediums will go into every room in the house to look for any ‘cold spots’, which would indicate activity and take it from there. A prayer of blessing will be said in every room of the house and may be said in the head or out loud, depending on the need. The spirit personality, if detected, would be encouraged to move towards the light as before. They need to be persuaded that this is now someone else’s home and that they need to move on.

The last room to be ‘cleansed’ will be the main living are and everyone who is there at he time will be encouraged to join in the prayers that are said. A white bubble of protective light is then placed around the entire house. This will help those living in the house to focus on the fact that something positive has been done about their situation.

Farnworth Christian Spiritualist Church has now been in existence for 25 years and is affiliated to the Greater World Christian Spiritualist Association.