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By:"Doc Turtle" <terri@grandmotherturtles.com>

Within the last two decades, there has been a steady increase of awareness about ghosts, spirits, spirit attachments, and hauntings on social media, television, movies, commercials, and advertisements. Meanwhile, people across the globe have begun to wake up and notice the reality of our unseen world, which can and does affect their daily lives. Also, with increasing frequency, there have been reports of violence to others or themselves, depression, anxiety, anger, fear, etc., that seemingly suddenly and uncharacteristically happen to men, women, and children. This problem adversely affects relationships and careers, and can disrupt businesses and families, leading to separation and divorce and worse.

Clearing the physical body, business, or home is one way to remove the negative energies left in the wake of arguments, violence, anger, frustration, depression, or even the energies of a few vagabond spirits that haven't been able to find the light and peace after they died. Remote or in-person shamanic healing can remove spiritual attachments and realign the energy of the physical body. It helps to increase the body's energy, vibration, and disposition effectively reducing or eliminating the ability of negativity and negative spiritual entities from subsequent attachment. If you or a loved one suffers from addictions, depression, anxiety, fear, anger, etc., it could be caused by a spirit attachment. Remote or in-person shamanic healing offers an effective and often immediate relief from any of these symptoms.

For business and home clearing, the method of "spiritual Feng Shui" is highly effective to clear the entire property and realign the magnetic grid to create a noticeable loving flow of positive energy and prevent subsequent future negative energies or entities from sticking around.

If you are interesting in learning more about spirit removal and/or energy clearing and healing, please contact us! We look forward to helping you.

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