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Real Ghosts - Are Real Ghosts Haunting the Net?
By:Thomas Shea

There seems to be an overwhelming amount of “real ghost" footage floating around the internet these days. This is exciting for some ghost lovers and disappointing for others. The videos and pictures are often very convincing and offer what some consider to be real proof of ghosts.

Unfortunately, there is another side to this double edged sword. Although it is always fun and exciting to witness these amazing pictures and videos, the truth is that many are not real ghosts at all. Rather, a very bored or desperate persons attempt at fun or glory. This is frustrating for many who strongly believe in the existence of ghosts and have spent time and money in an effort to capture legitimate evidence. Many have succeeded at this and there are lots of great examples of ghost evidence out there.

Evidence of real ghosts definitely exist, but most has been overlooked and taken less seriously due to the huge amount of similar examples available on the world wide web. When someone sees a great piece of ghost footage or picture, they often react by immediately assuming that it is a hoax or a fake. This is not surprising and the person having this reaction cannot be blamed. They have likely been exposed to way too many pieces of “evidence" created by a bored fifteen year old with decent computer skills. Sadly, even real ghost hunters and investigators have resorted to fabricating evidence in an attempt to convince people that ghosts really do exist.

This action taken does not in anyway prove that ghosts do not exist, but tends to discredit the actual evidence available. Certain people who know in their heart that ghosts are as real as the sky is blue, desperately want others to know it as well. Paranormal Investigators should think very carefully before doing something like this. The impact on the field that they love is bigger than they think. Fortunately, most ghost hunters and paranormal investigators are genuine, honest and do not in any way support this kind of behavior.

There are also many sites on the web dedicated solely to sharing different types of ghost footage. The subject discussed here can even make things difficult for the site creators to do their work. Most ghost sites will put out the best available to them and let visitors judge for themselves. Truthfully, it really is the best and only way to do it. Many ghost sites are capable of sparking an interest in the paranormal by providing this type of footage in an entertaining fashion. Many examples of really great ghost evidence can be found on these sites. There is definitely not a lack of ghost pictures and videos out there to be seen, but ultimately it is up to you to decide what you consider credible evidence. This will remain true until science ultimately proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that real ghosts are in fact, haunting the web.

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