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USA - Ohio   by: Karen Lynn Sullivan
At a very young age I was aware of energy around me. I had dreams with visits of loved ones in spirit as well as out of body experiences. As I grew older my interest in the paranormal grew as well as..
USA - Florida / Email readings   by: Rev. Karen Lee Samson
Mediumship readings. Private individualized email sessions available. Also: Email classes on Mediumship and spiritual Healing. Spiritual Development classes on line via email. Spirit is available for..
UK - Somerset   by: Wendy Wharton
Welcome. My name is Wendy, I am a spiritual medium. I was aware of the Spirit World at an early age, but did not understand what I was seeing and feeling then. Everything fell into place for me the..
Worldwide: Australia - Canberra  by: Alex Fulford
pic International Clairvoyant-Medium and Spiritual Healer Born in Scotland, into a family of psychics, Alex didnít know that she was psychic until a young adult. Alex is in the lucky position of having..
UK - Somerset - Glastonbury  by: Wendy Wharton
I am a Spiritual medium living near Glastonbury Somerset, I give 1-1 readings, workshops/courses & run a circle in Glastonbury and a Spiritual service every 2 weeks and I am very happy to do dems for..
UK - London - Greenwich, or Skype / Telephone  by: Skye Orca
pic Hi there, I am a psychic medium, I channel spirit and use Oracle and Tarot cards to deliver readings. If you are feeling blocked, or have a question you would like answered why not book a session..
USA - Arizona or Skype/Telephone   by: Isabella Johnson
pic I have been a professional Medium for 28 years and have been highly involved with the Spiritualist Churches in both the US and UK. I work internationally as well and have clients all over the world..
UK - West Midlands - Birmingham, or Skype  by: Andy Byng
A Tutor of the Arthur Findlay College, Andy's work has taken him across the world reuniting people with their loved ones and teaching others how to realise the potential of their own gifts, Andy is..
USA - California - By telephone and at events  by: Vickie Gay
pic 415-244-6321 Events 2017: World Rank of Lightworkers/ Practitioners of Divinatory Arts out of 17,000 submitted names from 83 countries, based upon the number..
UK - Scotland - Kirkcaldy  by: David Tyrrell
pic My work continually takes me to various venues at home and abroad, however I now have a permanent working and teaching base at the Heart Centre 235 High Street Kirkcaldy.