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UK (public demonstrations)
Steve Holbrook

When a loved one passes on, especially if it is sudden & tragic, the shock and emptiness we personally experience is the same for all of us. For some people their unquestioning faith will no doubt help them to carry on in this life and to accept the inevitable - that we are all vulnerable and cannot escape the fact that we will die at a given time and meet again in ‘heaven’. However for a lot of people, that kind of unquestioning faith is not acceptable to them. For some, ‘death’ opens up more questions about why we are here in the first place. For instance, why do we have to face the sometimes very difficult traumas in this life if we don’t know of anything to look forward to in the next. I meet a lot of people that are searching for some evidence to show that their loved ones are alright, and have arrived safely – that is, wherever ‘arrived’ may be!!!

I am clairaudient and during my demonstrations I am able to give individual messages to people in the audience. These messages that I am able to hear, are from family or friends that have ‘died’ - and can be in various accents and dialects.

People often ask me if I give individual sittings. At present I do not, because I feel that I can reach more people through my public demonstrations. See venues page.