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UK - Cornwall - Bodmin
Janet and David Gay

Mediums Unlimited! are Janet & David Gay from Bodmin, Cornwall in the UK.

We are Spiritualist Mediums who are active members of the officially recognised body for Spiritualism in the UK - the Spiritualists' National Union (SNU).

About Janet:
Janet was ordained as a Minister of the Spiritualists' Nation Union on August 30th 2008 after satisfying the criteria laid down by the Union, which included a demanding period of practical training both locally & nationally and having to pass many educational courses in order to equip her for this demanding appointment.

She holds the Certificate of the Spiritualist National Union (CSNU) for Demonstrating (d), for Speaking (s) and for General Administration (g), and has attained the standard required for the Diploma in Public Speaking (DSNU [S]). Janet also holds the "Basic" Diploma of the SNU, which covers the philosophy & teachings of National Spiritualism (DSNU - B).

She is also a certificated tutor of the Arthur Findlay College (CSNU [t]). The College is probably the world's best for students wishing to develop their psychic and spiritual gifts.

Janet runs Awareness Courses in Bodmin, runs development classes (circles) and workshops in various churches around the country. The workshops cover heightening spiritual awareness, enhancing psychic abilities and developing all aspects of mediumship.

About David:
David is an Officiant of the Spiritualists' National Union [OSNU] & holds the Certificate for Speaking & Spiritualist Healing (CSNU[s.h]).

Healing is David's forte. To become an Approved Healer takes two years training, passing the (SNU) H1 Healing course (postal) and passing a practical and theoretical upgrading assessment at District level. After that was completed (about a year or so later), David was assessed again to achieve the National Certificate of Recognition for Spiritualist Healing. He is also a Course Organiser for the H1 (postal) healing course. He is currently the Healing Representative on the South Western District Council of the Spiritualists' National Union.

David is also a trance medium and uses this gift for trance healing. He is registered with the SNU Healing Committee for this.

Spiritual Healing is available without charge or by donation. Trance Healing is also available with David by appointment.