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UK - London - Lewisham
Lewisham Spiritualist Church

We have Private readings on Tuesday, which are One to One spiritual reading with an experienced Medium for hour. And we have Group readings on Thursday where up to eight people can come along for a group reading in a relaxed atmosphere with an experienced Medium, each person will receive an approx 10 minute reading.

We have various dedicated Mediums. A Mediums work is to try to provide evidence of survival and not to predict the future.

About our Church:

We are an independent Spiritualist Church founded in 1936 and purpose built for the practise of Spiritualism, which includes Mediumship and Spiritualist Healing.

Our aim is to give spiritual and practical guidance to anyone who chooses to come to our door, it goes without saying that we welcome all people, religion or age are no barrier. Our visitors range from 1 year to 100 years.