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Ewan Irvine, Spiritualist Medium

Ewan Irvine is a Clairvoyant Medium working in the UK and Ireland.

He was a team medium with a UK paranormal investigation group from 2005 to 2007, then becoming co-founder of Full Moon Investigations with leading UK Investigator Andrea Byrne.

As a child, Ewan experienced many strange happenings that could not be explained logically. It was only at the age of 19 that he began to realise that he had the ability of mediumship.

Having developed these abilities with Portobello Spiritualist Church in Edinburgh, he became a regular demonstrator of mediumship within the UK.

Ewan has also appeared in a number of TV productions including Most Haunted Live and ITVís Tough Gig.

Articles have also included Edinburgh Evening News, Scotland Today, Psychic News and BBC Radio Scotland.

In 2008 Ewan won the UK's Spiritual Connextions Open Platform Award and will be touring with the 2009 event around the UK.