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Dr. Lauren Tribodeau

Dr. Lauren Thibodeau, author of Natural-Born Intuition: How to Awaken & Develop Your Inner Wisdom brings compassion, integrity, insight and the inquiring, yet skeptical mind of an academic trained in the scientific method to her work as a psychic medium, workshop leader, speaker, metaphysical teacher, and researcher.

She holds a Ph.D. in Counseling, two masters’ degrees in Counseling and Business, and many certifications. Dr. Lauren has been featured in hundreds of radio broadcasts, television programs and print stories and several books, including the best-seller Lily Dale.

Currently Dr. Thibodeau provides in-person consultations only by telephone and in her office in New York City. Because of the way she works, it is not necessary for you to meet with Dr. Lauren in person to have an effective consultation. Many clients prefer telephone consultations as distractions are minimized and no travel time is required.