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UK - East Sussex - Eastbourne
Jacqueline Llewellyn <bellmorebelle@gmail.com>

Hello my name is Jacqueline Llewellyn. I am a psychic, spiritual medium, spiritual coach and a light trance channel. I have been aware of spirit around me for many years. I have been working with my spirit guides since 1996. We work together to bring forth inspiration and wisdom and guidance from the spirit realms that life does go on beyond the veil.

I have worked as a spiritual platform medium in South East England and helped many people through my psychic and spiritual guidance readings also my light trance readings through my main spirit guide Yang Ti Woo. I am here to help you find your own doorway to spirit. I always work on a down to earth and pure link. If you would like to find out about me and my readings please have a look at my website.

opening the doorways to spirit