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UK - Hertfordshire - Cheshunt

I am a spiritualist medium offering evidential & trance mediumship. I am also sitting to develop physical mediumship and have had some fantastic results which you can see on my facebook page - walking with spirit - and my blog. I have dedicated decades to developing physical medumship and I am very excited about what the future holds. Sitting for the development of physical mediumship is of great importance to me. I sit every week whenever possible with the purpose of creating the right conditions for Spirit to bring through physical phenomena.

I regularly invite visitors to observe my physical sittings because I passionately believe that they should be conducted in the light and be available for all to see.

I teach at the world famous Arthur Findlay College of Psychic Sciences and hold the qualification of CSNU. I am also training to be an SNU accredited healer as I believe that healing is the highest form of mediumship and offers a wonderful opportunity to impart love and compassion from the Spirit world.

Another of my passions is how science & mediumship can work together to prove the existence of the Spirit World. I have recently conducted a number of experiments on changes to the brainwaves of mediums when they work. The results were amazing and show that changes to the beta, alpha & theta waves occur when mediums enter into an altered state to make contact with the Spirit world.