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UK - Manchester
Judith Hindle <judithhindle@anclaro.com>

Judith Hindle has always felt that she could communicate with "Spirit". As a child she knew things adults and other children could not However, it was not until 2005 that she was truly able to understand and use her gifts. In this time she came down with severe Meningitis & Encephalitis and had nearly died. It was as this point that her true ability came out. She began hearing voices, and saw her true calling - and has been helping people with her gifts ever since.

Over the years She has helped thousands of people come to terms with their loss and to guide them in their lives to resolve what ever problems or issues they may be experiencing. She has been on Radio, seen Celebrities and given life changing guidance for Clients in Australia, America, Canada & New Zealand - Not to mention helping locals within Manchester and the United Kingdom.

Some common areas of her work involve:

    Depression Therapy,
    Spiritual Reading & Guidance
    Future Life Progression
    Past life Regression

Tel: 01942 871 352