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USA - Colorado - Boulder
Camelia Kessaci

Intuitive consulting is a great tool for personal growth, self-improvement, and insight into your current life situation.

My intuitive talents are natural. Beyond the everyday stimuli of the five senses, there is a wealth of knowledge of information throughout the Universe. I use a recent photograph of my client to connect with a deeper, soul-level of knowledge and bring back useful information.

I often keep a lit candle next to me when I meet with clients as well. This symbol of Light serves as a reminder that the ultimate purpose of our meeting is goodness. It also allows any beings of light to come forward with additional information that may help my client during the session. If a light being or spirit guide chooses to say something during our session you might hear me say, "Wait, I'm getting something important!"

Each intuitive consulting session is completely personal and private. My passion is listening to each client's unique needs - through what they tell me verbally, and what their soul tells me silently. Many people find it a life-changing experience, and I hope you will too!

A session of intuitive consulting is fun! I love meeting with all types of people, and I can conduct a session in English, French or Arabic. Sessions can take place over Skype or FaceTime, or in person if you are in the Boulder area.

Schedule a reading online today at http://www.intuitiveconsultant.me