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Worldwide: Spain - Quesada
Belinda Bradley <rev.belindabradley@gmail.com>

The Reverend Belinda Bradley is a Minister with The Corinthian Church and Healing Association. The Corinthian Church has the same legal registration status as all other religions recognised in law. This enables them to appoint and ordain ministers for the purposes of conducting marriage, baptisms and funeral services. The Corinthian Church is not saturated with dogma, and concerns itself with Spiritual belief rather than religion.

Belinda now lives in Quesada near Torrevieja in Spain where she conducts development circles to enable others to develop their own spiritual awareness and also regularly serves several spiritualist churches on the Costa Blanca. Belinda also conducts spiritual healing.

Belinda is available for demonstrations, workshops, private readings, and spiritual healing in Spain and abroad. If you are interested in any of these, please see Belinda's contact page on her website.