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Sharon May <sharon@sharonmay.co.uk>

Hi I’m Sharon May and I have been working with Spirit all of my life. I have a life time connection with spirit, with over 30 year’s experience of working with them; helping people to connect with loved ones in the spirit world.

I’ve had psychic experiences since very early childhood, and have grown up with a sense of being looked after by some ‘unseen’ but loving presence. I have a ‘spirit team’ of helpers who have guided me since childhood on my spiritual journey; they have given me timely advice, guidance and warnings; some of which have ultimately saved mine and my families lives! Because of this TRUST that I have built with my spirit team, I KNOW that the spirit world is a very REAL place; and that our loved ones simply pass from one world to another and that one day, when the time is right we will all be reunited.

A major part of my life journey has been to help people on their own particular spiritual pathway, I work with people from all walks of life and from around the globe. Aiding in the spiritual and personal development of those wishing to progress on their spiritual pathway; helping to identify potentials for their life's purpose and spiritual mission.

I offer spiritual readings with empathy & compassion to endeavour to connect with our loved ones and guides and angels in the spirit world; my passion is one of helping people to ‘connect with their own spirit’. Knowing who YOU ARE, is the first part of the ‘great connection’ with the spirit world, if you can become aware of yourself, your needs, your gifts, then you are on the start of your journey of ‘Spirit Connection’.

I have appeared in newspaper articles, TV programmes and documentaries in the UK, abroad and on Sky. I have also taken part in television and radio shows, plus written articles for psychic magazines; having also worked internationally.

I would like to offer you the opportunity to join me in learning about ‘awareness of Spirit’. I hold various groups and classes at my home near Bridgwater, Somerset, throughout the year and other venues.

Some of the services that I offer:
• Mediumship readings
• Angel Therapy
• Spirit Artist
• Angelic development group
• Awareness group
• Open circle
• Closed circle
• Platform mediumship
• Divine services
• One to one Spiritual mentoring

Plus workshops:
spiritual/personal development, angels, mediumship and more…

Phone: 07976-969582
E-mail: sharon@sharonmay.co.uk
Web: www.sharonmay.co.uk
Facebook: www.facebook.com/angelwispa