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USA - New Jersey - Ridgefield
Barbara Toole

Barbara, Pastor of Spiritual Life Fellowship, is a gifted Psychic Medium and Clairvoyant who finds great joy and fulfillment in serving the spirit world. Spiritually sensitive from an early age, Barbara has spent most of her adult life seeking to increase her spiritual knowledge and enhance her awareness of spirit.

Over the course of time, as Barbara’s awareness of spirit has grown, so has her dedication to doing spirit’s work here on earth by spreading their message that life goes on after the change that we call “death” and by bringing forth their philosophy of light and love. One way in which Barbara is able to do spirit’s work is by using her Mediumistic Gift to reunite those in the spirit world with their loved ones whom they have left behind on earth.

Barbara believes that those who have gone to the spirit world are the same people that they were before they made the transition to spirit. They are the same people, with the same traits, the same likes and the same dislikes, only now they are clothed in a spiritual body instead of a physical body. They are alive and well, on the other side of the spiritual veil – possibly more alive than they were when they were here on earth -- still learning, still growing and still moving forward with their lives on their own individual paths of eternal progression.