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USA - California - Carson
Tim Braun

It is Tim's desire to heal those with grief of loss and to re-establish the ties that we have lost with those who are no longer with us. Tim believes our love is the link that allows him to connect with those on the other side. He provides evidence of life after death through the messages he delivers from family and friends who have crossed over. Many of Tim's clients have had their lives changed dramatically and have been given a new hope that there exists a place of beauty and joy at the end of life on earth, that their loved ones are there and that love doesn't die, but is taken to this place, “the other side”. Tim is personally recommended by known Mediums, James Van Praagh, Robert Brown, and Brian Hurst and is available for private and group readings.

Tim has been a guest speaker on several radio talk shows on the East and West Coasts. He conducted phone readings to callers that were astounded by his accuracy. Tim taped 15 episodes of his own television show, "Looking Beyond", that aired on Cox Cable in the South Bay area.