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Canada - Ontario - Niagara Falls
Dennis W. Eveleigh <niagara.ghost.detective@gmail.com>

RESCUE MEDIUM - Niagara Ghost Detective

I provide assistance to people with haunted homes by finding, talking with and ridding homes of ghosts.

I am a Medium who is first clairaudient (has psychic hearing) and second clairvoyant (has psychic seeing). I can see the location of earth-bound spirits (ghosts) in a home, when I look. When I find them I try to talk with them, for I can hear their answers clearly in my mind. I can find out things like what their name is, when they lived, how and when they died and other details about their lives. I can also find out why they are still earth-bound, which is usually the first step in moving them on and removing them from a home. While I have convinced many earth-bound spirits to move on to the "other side", not all go, some choose to stay. A person who does this type of work is usually called a "rescue medium". They rescue earth-bound spirits who are stuck on the earth for various reasons. I am willing to come to a person's home and locate, talk with and even try to rid your home of ghosts, if they desire.