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UK - Dorset - Wimborne

My name is Shirley Ann Mear and I know that I was born in the right place at the right time to the right parents. How do I know this? Because without all of the loving help so freely given to me, I would not have become the deep trance independent Medium, I am.

I am of Shamanic tradition and work as part of a family led by my Spirit Family who have been known to me since the start of my Earth-walk, and through them I scribe Philosophy. I have depended upon Them all of my life, and in particular The Standing Bear who has now chosen, and been chosen, to speak Words of Wisdom and Healing for the Broken Heart of Man. My Tribe, as I have come to call Them, describe Themselves as Healers; for all is Healing in the need to reconnect the Heart and Mind of Man within his one true self which is his own Soul.

There are others of my Tribe who speak along with The Standing Bear, either through the written word or during trance sittings, and all hear The Child Abigail issuing her own words of wisdom which speak to the Healing of Grieving Hearts

In order to help still further, I have been guided in understanding the companionship and loving support of the Realm of Spirit Animals who have chosen to walk this path with each of us. I am happy to share my understanding with others that all might know they do not face this life alone for all have been gifted with all that is needed to walk this Earth path with honour and courage.

Please feel free to browse my Website to discover what you will of The Tribe of the Standing Bear for They have come to offer Their help and guidance in the hope that Man will reach a better understanding of himself as well as this glorious Earth and All Living Things.

In a World of change and despair, the Voice of the Spirit Realms have chosen to speak to bring solace and hope. I thank you for listening.

I can offer the following services:

Personal deep trance sittings or closed public demonstrations;
Personal readings with Spirit Animal Guides (also available by Skype);
Deep trance Healing or Reiki;
A series of 4 progressive weekend courses in developing personal power and the trance states either in Ringwood, Hampshire or at Hafen-y-Coed, near Swansea UK;
A one day course in establishing personal Spirit Animal Guides and Their part in your life and
Regular monthly development/meditation Circles in the Counties of Dorset and Hampshire in the UK.