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UK - Northampton
Susan Leybourne CSNU <mail@susanleybourne.com>

I'm a Medium who sees hears and feels the presence of the Spirit World Very clearly, bringing evidential proof of survival of loved ones in the Spirit World. I have over 30 years professional experience as a Medium and more than 25 years teaching experience in esoteric and Mediumistic subjects, I have presented my work in Sweden, Norway, Holland, Germany, Spain, USA and Canada offering courses and workshops Worldwide. I have also been featured in International and National Media including TV features in Switzerland, Germany, Canada and Japan. I am also a regular conference speaker and outside lecturer on Theology, History of religion and comparative religion at Universities and colleges in the UK . I have always been aware of the Spirit World and from early childhood began to study the Worlds esoteric traditions. Later spending time amongst indigenous peoples in Indonesia, Malaysia, Brazil and West Africa, as well as receiving many traditional empowerments in Tibetan Tantric Buddhism and Dzogchen, I have also taught Buddhist studies in a Tibetan Buddhist Monastery in the Kathmandu valley in Nepal. I hold the certificate of recognition of the Spiritualists' national union (CSNU) in demonstrating Mediumship and I'm an approved tutor of the Arthur Findlay college, Stansted UK.

I also work with my Psychic ability, offering Psychic readings, including Aura, Psychometry, Tarot, Runes and other forms of Divination.

I offer 1 2 1 sessions at my home in East Haddon, on the outskirts of Northampton in person by telephone appointment or Skype.

I am a Spiritual healer, Reiki Master, Karuna Reiki Master, Trance healer, Shamanic healer and certified NLP Practitioner.

I am interested in all forms of Spirituality, so whatever your personal path, I am able to help you.