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Worldwide: Spain - Alicante
Kas Clairvoyant <kasclairvoyant@myway.com>

My name is Kas and I have been giving clairvoyant readings for over 50 years. I have read at numerous fairs and international venues, bringing guidance to those looking for answers, and comfort to those in times of stress or in need of assistance.

Making numerous TV appearances has helped raise my profile, allowing me to reach out to anyone in need of guidance or help, or in answering the questions most important to them.

During my 50 years using my gift of Clairvoyancy and skills in Tarot, Hypnotherapy, Runes and Healing, I have helped and guided many people. Clairvoyance is used in all my readings, and I also use crystals to assist me.

My spiritual awareness has helped me to progress with my spiritual healing and a strong interest in psychology helps me with hypnotherapy sessions.