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USA - Massachusetts - Housatonic
Carol McGlinchey, Past Life Regression Therapist, Psychic Medium, Intuitive Counselor

Past Life Regression Therapist
My career as a past life regression therapist was triggered when at the age of nine I recalled a past life as a slave in Virginia in the 1700s. This profound experience changed my view about life, opened up my intuitive abilities, and launched my spiritual quest at an early age.

I have also trained with Dr. Michael Newton at the Newton Institute as a Life Between Lives hypnotherapist. I offer this service to those who wish to understand the soulís work between lifetimes and who have previously experienced past life regressions.

Psychic Medium
My mentor Dr. Brian Weiss has frequently collaborated with renowned medium James Van Praagh and this led me to receive training and certification from Van Praagh as a psychic medium. Since 2006 I have hosted group sittings and private psychic readings using my abilities as a psychic medium to share messages from loved ones in spirit.

Other services include, beside Readings: Development Circles and Workshops.