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UK - London - Hampton Hill (South West London)
Martin Twycross

I am a spiritualist medium with a passion for quality mediumship and proving the continuity of life. I am based in Hampton Hill in south-west London and have been working as a medium for the past six years. I regularly serve a number of churches in the surrounding area and I feel that quality demonstrations of mediumship are the best possible adverts for spiritualism. I am passionate about spiritualism and believe that, as spiritual workers, we are in a strong position to promote it and the knowledge, truth and understanding it brings.

As well as public demonstrations of mediumship, I also undertake private sittings within churches and at my home. I work in accordance with various published code of conducts for mediumship so you can be assured of a high standard of work and professionalism.

My first home from home is Hampton Hill Spiritualist Church which I have been attending for 8 years and which is also where I began my development in 2001. My second home from home is the Arthur Findlay College at Stansted Hall where I have undertaken the vast majority of my training over the last 7 years with many of the UK's finest teaching mediums. I typically attend courses at the college for 3 to 4 weeks per year to ensure that my mediumship is always being assessed and to find ways to improve.

I run a number of circles, classes and workshops. In addition, I also have a number of products for sale to promote the development of psychic abilities and mediumship.

In addition to my mediumship and teaching work, I am also a qualified hypnotherapist and I undertake hypnotherapy, psychotherapy, life coaching and spiritual coaching.