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Isabelle Duchene <isabelleduchene@skynet.be>

Hi everybody

Nice you take time to read this little note from me, I am Isabelle and I am a mental,trance medium born in Belgium but working internationally, as personal coach, using my clairvoyance in daily life since childhood. I work for spirit as well combined with psychic photography. I am in development for physical mediumship as it take time and dedication to let the spiritworld do their work too. I work together with many people from the spiritworld as you will see on my website. I give one to one readings and open platform demo's all around the country. have been studying at the arthur findlay college, but I have my own way of work with the spiritworld. I speak dutch and english and basic french. And give lectures and demo's in homeparties; If you need info please feel free.
I gladly take time for you, phonereadings and one to ones by appointment.
Please find my details on my webpage. Contact and English pages as well.

thank you for spreading the word that there is no death and spirit is love.

I love you all
have a great year,
dont forget to shine