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UK - Essex - Maldon
Jeanie Jackson, Spiritualist Medium

Jeanie has been living happily in the beautiful historic riverside town Maldon, Essex since 2004. Jeanie can be recognised by her smiley face, positive attitude and friendly disposition. Her giving cheerful, personality is infectious bringing upliftment and ease to all who meet her.

As a natural effective medium and psychic, you will be able to see Jeanie demonstrating her positive, accurate modern mediumship in many churches and centres around Essex, London, Sussex, Kent, Hertfordshire and Suffolk, also overseas, which she has done since 2000.

Jeanie is often seen working publicly in popular restaurants, clubs and theatres, bringing Mediumship to different venues.

Jeanie tutors Maldon's Open circle and four closed spiritual development circles all in Maldon. Organised regularly are charity events supporting worthwhile causes, many local.

Jeanie is available for private sittings in Maldon, Essex but will travel to serve private groups of sitters. She is also available for public, charity and private demonstrations, wedding, funeral, commitment services, theatre, radio and regular private workshops that include the popular Past Life Regression. Spiritual counselling and Private Mediumship Development Sessions are also available.

Jeanie is a qualified Essex Healer and Bereavement counsellor and often works with children and families following the loss of loved ones.