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USA - Tennessee - Memphis
Rhonda G. Manning <rhonda@psychicmediumrhonda.com>

Rhonda Manning is one of the top psychic mediums in Tennessee and is becoming known worldwide. She is also a psychotherapist working in a separate private practice for over 18 years. Committed to bridging the gap between science and spirit; she has been university tested with a high accuracy rating and has appeared as a guest speaker for paranormal institutes and radio shows.

Rhonda is an amazing and accurate evidentiary psychic medium who is also featured on the most respected, intuitive tested sites. Wanting scientific and spiritual understanding of her abilities; she spent several years traveling the world participating in workshops, visiting indigenous cultures, training with shamans, medicine men, and some of the top mediums in the world. This has led her to an understanding that we are incredible energetic beings living in a world made up of energetic frequencies and that the soul lives beyond the physical body. This soul is on a journey and is part of a Universal God.