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Cindy Shelton <cshelton09@aol.com>

I have always had a facination with the otherside. As a child I knew that spirits exsisted. I was forever watching and learning about anything that had to do with the spiritual world, unknowingly preparing myself for my future as a medium and psychic.

My mother, Lucille had these abilities as well. Before and during World War II she used these abilities to give spiritual guidance to our Service Men as well as civilians. Just a few of her gifts were the ability to read cards, palms and tea leaves with the communication of her guides. After marrying my father, Albert she began to help me to develop my senses.

Throughout my life I was a firm believer in communication with the otherside. From the time that I was a young woman in my twenties, I read cards for close friends and family. My senses began to heighten after the passing of my Mother in 1990. I begin to see, feel and hear more spirits around me.

Several years after my Mother's passing I became involved with a wonderful man, my beloved Jace. Unknown to me at the time, he would be taken from me long before I expected. After his passing I felt his presence continously, and with that I was encouraged to develop my abilities to the fullest extent by taking classes with such people as James Van Praagh and studying some of the great mediums. Through this I learned that Jace and myself had calling to reconnect families with their loved ones, as written in our life's path.

I offer Medium Readings, Psychic Readings, Phone Readings and Reiki Therapy.

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