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UK - London - Belsize Park

I bid you a warm welcome.

I am a psychic/spiritual medium this means I am able to channel information from spirit guides and loved one's at the same time reading the subtle energy field (aura) with clairaudiance(hearing), clairvoyance(vision), clairsentience(feeling). Spirit guides and loved ones allow me to hear and I relay what I'm told to the client. These readings are practical, straight forward and gentle they help clarify on issues that surround the client from relationships, work, health, family, travel, addressing the core of the matter for the moment and into the future. With telephone readings my guides talk to the spiritual guides of the person who is on the end of the telephone line this is no different to being in a sitting face to face. These readings allow for spiritual guidance and upliftment as well as proof of life after death.

I have worked all over London as a medium and healer for fifteen years sometimes working with celebrity clients too!